Eli Pitta is a product and event photographer based in the San Francisco Bay area. By blending photojournalism and traditional photography with a constant awareness of his surroundings, Eli is able to take some of the most beautiful photos in the wine industry. For more than 20 years, his wine related photography has been characterized by innovative concepts, from the vineyard to the bottle.

All historic Lodi photographs are courtesy of the San Joaquin County Historical Museum from the collections of William G. Micke Estate, Arthur Marquardt Collection, Donez Eddlemon Collection, Leona Boyd Collection, Del B. Rinfret Collection and Lodi News Sentinel Collection.


Website Design & Development

CAMALEO web intelligence is boutique web development company based in Napa, CA. Founded in 2000, it quickly gained a reputation for cutting edge technology, creative design, and a custom approach to client needs. With a client portfolio anchored by an enviable list of Napa Valley marquee wineries and technology-based businesses, owner Brendan Murphy is a professional that can be said to actually enjoy the fruit of his work.

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We're sheltering in place and hope it won't be long before we can re-open and things are back to normal. Until then, we invite you to discover some great new wines from the comfort of your home using our new shop. Whether it’s a crisp, clean white wine, a refreshing Rosé or a bold red, you’ll find the perfect dinner companion!

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