More than just a Tasting Room


Come join us today at Scotto’s Wine & Cider and indulge yourself with a thrilling adventure in the world of wine, cider and good times where a surprise or two is usually in the offing. You'll see why this is "More than just a Tasting Room" and we don't want you to take us too seriously. Natalie Scotto and brother Paul took the design lead in making sure our space would be comfortable and inviting for friends of all ages to relax and enjoy our enticing wines and ciders while snacking on some delicious popcorn or other treats. It's not only about what you'll be sipping and savoring, but the whole experience of engaging yourself in a welcoming atmosphere that encourages camaraderie and a new adventure that makes it all very special. And be sure to check out our calendar of Special Events  so you won't miss a thing.

- The wine and cider are pretty good too!

Welcome to Scotto's Wine & Cider!

Visit Our Tasting Room Today!

Discover some great new wines from our Lodi tasting room, Scotto’s Wine & Cider. Whether it’s a crisp, clean white wine, a refreshing Rosé or a bold red, you’ll find something delicious to pair with any meal!

Cheers from the Scotto Family

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